Turkish Style Throw in Navy

Turkish Style Throw in Navy

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You can use this as a throw on your couch, a blanket to cover your legs from the chill (indoor or outdoor) a cover for your bed just incase anyone decides to sit with their outside pants on (don't know how you feel about that, but it gives me the heeby jeebies! A beach towel, a beach blanket and or picnic blanket, a rug to cover carpet (That's what I do!) photoshoots and more! Seriously these things are so great to have around and be creative with, they even look nice just hanging in the bathroom!

  • 100% Textured cotton

  • 50" x 60"

  • Multi stripe design

  • Each throw will have minor differences. The knitting is made to look imperfect to have a more organic look and feel.

  • Fringe detail

  • Being and off white colors

  • Wash on cold delicate alone, hang dry

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