We can't tell you how much we value you..

Here at Goldmorning, you are extremely valued! We have had great  laughs, conversations and pleasant interactions with so many of our beautiful customers & friends. We are constantly looking for ways to give back to those who support us. That's why we've created the Loyalty Program, read on for more info!


All dollars apart of the Loyalty Program will be referred to as Gold Points. Every dollar you spend at Goldmorning earns you points in the Loyalty Program. $1 = 1 point. Accumulate 500 points and receive a $50 store credit! Simply sign up with your name and email that you use to order from Goldmorning, and begin collecting points.

Please consider signing up with a purchase. Accounts that are open without purchase for 90 days or more will be removed for a more organized system.

how do i sign up?

To sign up just fill out the from below with the name and email address you use on your orders and you're ready to start earning!


Gold points may not be shared or combined between multiple accounts. Your name and email that you sign up with must match the name and email you place your orders with. We are unable to transfer your dollar points if the information isn't up to date. Only dollars spent on merchandise are eligible to earn Gold Points. Taxes and and any expedited shipping fees will not earn points. The Loyalty Program begins September 10, 2016, and only orders placed after this date will be eligible to accrue Gold Points. You will receive points from purchases after your sign up date. Credits must be redeemed before you are able to start earning Gold Points again. Gold Points cannot be combined with additional Gold point credits.  Customers will be notified via email when they reach 500 points.

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