It's clear. I have a matcha (latte) addiction. Since I started posting about matcha on instagram, I began to receive at least a few questions a week in my DM's asking what matcha I use, why I use glass straws, what my favorite match is etc, etc. So, I suppose that would mean it's time for a blog post about matcha; in a way, I feel like this post is overdue. I'm going to answer all of the matcha FAQ's as well as link you guys to where I get the goods. If you have any questions that aren't listed here, just message me and I will add them! Enjoy!


What is your favorite Matcha? // What Matcha do you use? 
I use Matcha Konomi and Alfred's. Alfred's has cute branding, great taste and was the reason I fell in love with matcha, so I have to show my love and support, however to be honest - I don't know much about the actual quality of their matcha. At home I use Matcha Konomi. It has more matcha (ten more grams for about 3 dollars less) it's high grade, bright green, frome Japan, radiation free (yes this is something to watch out for when shopping for matcha.)

Where did you get your glass straws and why do you like them?
I got them on Amazon and I linked them for you: here. I like them because it feels like I'm drinking my matcha latte's out of a cool clean crisp ice-cube. They are eco friendly and are easy to clean - unlike the silicone straws. They also don't get soggy like paper straws, or stab me in the mouth like stainless steel straws.

Where did you get your strainer and whisk from?
Amazon! See here: Strainer // Whisk Both of these are must have items for making Matcha lattes. Also, find a bowl that has a rounded bottom for the whisking process.

What milk do you use?
I use Oatly. I love Oatmilk and currently they are my favorite brand (Alfred's uses them too). I've been asked if the oatmilk at wholefoods is as good as Oatly, and in my opionion, it is not the same! Go for Oatly.

What sweetener do you use?
I don't use a sweetener! I love the pure authentic taste of Matcha!



  • Use no more than 3-5 shot glasses of room temperature  water to dissolve the matcha.
  • Do not mix the matcha in hot water, doing so will ruin the tea.
  • Store your matcha in the fridge after opening. Green teas are damaged by heat, humidity, light, air and smells from other substances. Be especially careful with the storing of Matcha since it loses its colour quickly when exposed to those things. Once the can or bag is opened, it should be consumed within a relatively short period. 
  • After scooping your matcha, immeditaley close it and put it in the fridge before doing anything else.
Beulah Ekkelenkamp