Beauty links!

Beauty links!


Hair care

Joise Maran Argan Oil Serum
I only wash my hair once a week. I use this serum mid week to help my hair look a little more glossy and less frizzy.

Theorie Shampoo
I have been using this Shampoo and Conditioner for a couple years and my hair still responds to it so well. Friends and family I’ve recommended it to with all different hair types agree. This stuff is like magic! It’s rare that I see this kind with the off white label at TJ Maxx, but when I do I stock up. If I can’t find it there I buy it off Amazon. Do not buy any other colored label, it won’t be the same. I made that mistake!

Theorie Conditioner (Could not find link, try looking at TJ Maxx)

Ouai Finishing Cream
I’ll use this when I wear my hair naturally curly, or when I have frizz/broken hair that sticks up on the top of my scalp.

Ouai Leave-in Conditioner
I spray this onto my hair after a shower and then brush with my Wet Brush. It also protects you hair from heat, so sometimes I'll skip a heat protectant if I feel like it.

Matrix Heat Protectant/Styling Spray
This product smells really good and also provides a gentle hold and adds texture. I really like it.

Wet Brush
The best brush I have ever used. This brush really changed the hair game for me! I love it so much. This is the only brush that does snap and break my hair. I can brush it both dry and wet with the Wet Brush. Make sure it’s the Wet Brush brand, don’t buy the dupes, they don’t work the same.

Satin Pillow

Purple Shampoo
This purple shampoo honestly makes my hair feel like straw, but once I condition it, it’s fine. I still choose to use it because it’s high performance and deeply pigmented. Plus you get a free bottle after you try the first one.

Curling Iron

Flat Iron

Skin Care

Spa headband

Trader Joes Moisturizer

Clean White Towel (I have a designated towel that I only use for my face. I make sure it’s clean.)

Water (I drink all day long.)

Exfoliating Device (Still trying different products to see what my favorite is.)

Skin Dope Organic Glow Oil
I use four drops of this mixed with one pump of my Trader Joes Moisturizer in the morning

Skin Dope Argan Oil CBD
Same as the above, only six drops and then two extra for directly under my eyes.

Elta Md Spf 46
The best SPF for the face, look no further. Goes on smooth, doesn’t break me out.

Vital Proteins Collagen
I use this every morning in my green smoothie.

Glygolic Acid Peel Pads
I use a peel pad every other night. Be careful in the sun when using these. Keep your face out of the sun and use SPF.

I’ll use this on my T-zones occasionally if I feel build up. I prefer to use Apple Cider Vinegar, but when I don’t want to smell like a foot, I’ll use this.

Cotton Rounds

Origins Face Mask
Love this mask. I use it when my skin is feeling gritty, especially after traveling. It makes me feel fresh.

Make-up Favorites

Glossier Generation G, Cake
This is a staple item in my minimal make-up bag. A natural lipstick color that you can wear every day if you wanted to.

My Amazon Store-front
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Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush
This is my go-to blush. It’s not a bright pink, it’s very natural looking. Gives nice color. I’ve been using it for the last five years. That says a lot!