What is Ebates?

First of all, let me be transparent. NO Ebates is not paying me to say any of this. It’s not sponsored, I actually love it and use it. Yes, you do receive cash back upon referral, everyone does (!!) So make sure to share in your circle, on your IG, or your group of friends. Ebates is a browser plugin that gives you cash back on most online purchases. If you shop online regularly, Ebates makes a lot of sense. They’ve partnered with over 2500 online retailers, so it’s very, very easy to take advantage of the money back. It’s as simple as installing the plugin to your browser, and activating deals when you visit participating online retailers. The cash back percentages vary from an average of 4%, all the way up to special deals where you receive 15% back on your purchase. Just shop online as you normally would, and every 3 months you receive a check in the mail or a deposit to your PayPal. There’s literally no strings attached. You even get $10 off your first purchase of $25, and referral bonuses for sending friends, so it’s mutual beneficial and easy to promote because it gives everyone cash back. Simply navigate to Ebates.com, sign up for an account, and you start earning. There are several different ways to earn cash back, and I’ve listed them below.

The Browser Plugin

Install the browser plugin from Ebates.com. With the extension installed, you’ll see notifications when you visit an online retailer that offers cash back. Click on the notification, activate the deal, and the cash back will be added to your balance after you make your purchase. With so many sites participating, I’ve found that almost everywhere I shop regularly is giving me cash back. Just make sure to check the extension before you purchase!

Ebates app

You can also earn by shopping through the Ebates app. It doesn’t work as a browser extension on your phone, so you have to check the app for active deals, and shop through there. The app also offers exclusive discounts and sales that are only available when using the app.

In Store

Ebates also offers in store discounts. You can link your regular credit card to your Ebates account, and get discounts when you purchase in store. Activate the available deals before shopping on the browser or app, then simply pay with your linked credit card to get the money back.

I’ve found the browser plugin to be the simplest way to earn so far. You may not be consciously thinking about saving money or activating deals, so the notifications before you order something are very helpful. The list of participating retailers is quite extensive, and since signing up, it’s been rare for me to not earn something back every time I purchase items I normally would.

Some personal tips

If you know you’re going to travel for work or visiting family, make sure to check Ebates first. Different booking sites have rotating deals for hotels, car rentals, flights, and things like that. Recently we got $45 back on hotels that we needed to book for work, which is a nice bonus!

I use Ebates for all expenses we have for our business, so that helps things add up as well. If you have regular business expenses or recurring costs online (even website hosting!) you can get cash back.

Be smart, and work the system. Ebates will feature deals with extra percentages at different times, but make sure you’re not buying things you don’t need. Cash back doesn’t mean much if you’re spending more than you should in the first place! I’ve earned all of my cash back just by making the purchases I regularly would. Sometimes I’ll even hold off and wait for a specific deal if I can, but for the most part, I just shop as normal.

Ebates also checks for coupons automatically, so you can save even more by taking advantage of those.

Okay! I think that should about cover all of the questions I recieved about Ebates on instagram!! I hope this helps you guys. If you have anymore questions that aren’t answered here, you can leave them in the comments!

Here is my referral link that will give you $10 into your account: https://www.ebates.com/r/ALEXAN31918?eeid=28187 When you sign up, pass your referral code around to your friends, and you’ll get cash back too! It’s a win-win here guys, haha. If you need to explain how it works to your friends, you can even show them this post to make it easy for you - just remember to tell them to use YOUR link.

Alright! I’ll be back here soon to discuss more “Smart shopping”

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