What denim I wear!

Finally! you guys have been asking me for years about what denim I wear. Some are Goldmorning, some are not! I have to be honest about the reason for hesitation of this post. The denim I wear that is not Goldmorning is expensive, like I have spent a small fortune on my denim collection. That is why when I get good jeans in for Goldmorning, I’m SO excited and they quickly become a best seller. You guys love when I get some good jeans in! Sidenote: I AM GETTING SUCH GOOD DENIM IN IN THE NEXT COUPLE WEEKS! I can’t wait to share because over the years I have learned what your favorite styles are and I know these are going to be a favorite!

I’m going to tell you about each pair I own, what size and style, how they fit and where I got them or where you can get them! I am not making any commission of sale off of this. I really just wanted to be able to send a resourceful link to all who ask to make it easier for the both of us! If you guys have any other questions - since I don’t carry or own the brands I’m posting about, I would recommend reaching out to the store that does and they will probably have more answers for you. I only know about the size and cuts I personally own and wear. I realize not everyone has access to the same stores that are here in LA, so I found the styles online.

1) GRLFRND Karolina High-Rise Skinny

I wear the size 24. These jeans do not have stretch, they are a thick material, they look great on the butt. They initially fit very tight and then loosen perfectly with some wear. Do not put them in the dryer EVER.

2) GRLFRND Karolina High-Rise Skinny Jean (Distressed)

I wear the size 24. These are pretty much the same as the above as far as fit and material goes!

3) AGOLDE Cherie High Rise Straight 

I wear size 23 in these. Once again - No stretch, thick material, do not dry or wash hot!

4) GRLFRND Naomi High-Rise Stretch Jean

I wear size 24. These jeans, unlike the above DO have a bit of stretch to them.

I’ll be adding more to this post during the week! Keep watching my stories to stay up to date!

Alex Ekkelenkamp