Plastic straws are on their way out. I'm not going to lie, when I heard the news I was selfishly upset because I love sipping my matcha lattes out of straws (not to mention my smoothies - drinking a smoothie from the cup just isn't the same.) Then I found glass straws. I had already tried silicone, paper and stainless steel straws, but none of them compared. Glass straws are hands down my favorite, and I highly recommend them if you are looking to lighten your eco footprint but aren't ready to give up straws entirely! I've linked my favorite glass straws below for you.


Click here to check them out on Amazon. Some of the reasons why I prefer the glass straw above all others:

1) Easy to clean. You can see what's inside, and they have a smooth texture. They don't absorb any scents, and come out perfectly polished each time. Silicone straws tend to absorb scent and get smoothie particles stuck in them.

2) It's like drinking out of an ice-cube.

3) They don't chip or scratch your teeth like stainless steel straws. You also don't need to worry about losing an eye or cutting your gums.

4) They are clear, clean and look classy by matching the rest of your dishes!

I hope this helps! I'll be back here later after I do some research and find the best reusable/travel glass cup for iced latte's as well as the best glass straw container. (Yes I plan on ditching plastic entirely and handing over my reusable cup to the baristas!)

Alex Ekkelenkamp