New York


I'm currently in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY for work and will be here for about a week more. I have been away from home for nearly three months save for a short, week long break in between - but I'll save all of that for a different post! While in New York my husband and myself photographed the latest Goldmorning collection and are shooting a wedding on Sunday.  Today's post will be just a quick one to share some of the looks I wore while here in NY. All of the clothing is from my shop which now has an online store! Click here >  Goldmorning ShopThe online store is newly launched! I so appreciate all of the support from all of my shoppers! You guys are so great and make my job soooo very enjoyable. I really mean that! I enjoy the community that comes along with helping women find the right outfit. Making those connections and getting to know each person is more rewarding than one would think when dealing with material items.

After shopping and walking in and out of dozens of stores seeing the same sort of trends for Fall that I wasn't crazy about, I wanted to go with some Fall colours that I felt were a little more classic and wearable. It seemed that the current trends might be something that would get old pretty fast! I saw mustard yellows, loud bold prints, deep purples and exaggerated 90's & 70's almost costume style. If you follow along here, you'll know that I gravitate towards classic, feminine and sophisticated. So if you like all of those things, I really think that you will enjoy our newest collection. To see every piece and more photos, check out the website as well : Goldmorning Shop.

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Alex Ekkelenkamp