My husband and I are in Florida for the rest of the week for his work (I'm assisting him). I'm not sure who knows what, and I feel like I say this a lot, but we are both photographers as well! Anyway, there is unfortunately a lot of downtime in-between work days (I enjoy working, haha), but the silver lining is that I can finally sit down and write more about our natural handmade Bath and Body line, and what it means to me. I'm also running a week long promotion so that anyone interested in trying the products can try them! So read on to learn more about the maker of the product, how we rebranded it, and how you can get a killer deal on some beautiful high quality natural products.

In 2005 my mother started her company, The Soap Bakery. She sold handmade soaps, scrubs, lotions, bath bombs and more. She would host parties at the house and her friends would come and buy a bunch of product. As time went on she even started to have her dedicated and loyal customers place orders via the phone. She's a mother of five children who always puts her family first, so as the years went on, her product only got better as she gained experience and built her business. Because she's the kind of woman who puts everyone first however, she didn't have the time to market, and her exposure wasn't able to grow in step with the quality. It frustrated me that the product was so amazing and not seen by many. I tried taking over her instagram and even made her a new website, but still - it wasn't enough the keep the orders coming in as they should. As Goldmorning grew, an idea surfaced - rebranding my mother's products and selling them to my customers who I knew would love them (because that's what I do, make things I love available!). We now work together on products exclusive to the shop; I told her what I wanted down to the amount of organic rose buds in the scrub, she gave me her advice and we collaborated on the Bath and Body line that is exclusive to Goldmorning.

I place an order and my mom makes all of the product by hand in her kitchen, then ships them to me in LA. Now that you know my mother enough to appreciate the fact that it's her behind the scenes, I'll give you a little background on who she is. She's an Italian, New Yorker mother a 5, always puts her family first, she's one of the strongest women I know and she doesn't skimp or cut corners - everything she does has a spirit of excellence. When we discuss the ingredients in the products she is always talking about how high end they are and how she would rather spend a little more to get the best ingredients. She puts her heart and soul into her bath and body creations, straight down to wiping every bottle clean with rubbing alcohol at the end, or tossing out a product that doesn't look right!


I didn't make these soaps and scrubs available to make money (and quite honestly, I make next to nothing on them) which is why I have never run a promotion on the line. I want my mother to have an outlet that is rewarding for her creatively and financially, and the nice thing is - her high end product doesn't hurt the look of my website either, so it's a win win. ;) I really believe in her product - everyone who tries them loves them. So if you haven't tried our Bath and Body line yet because you're unsure, I'm running a week long sale on ALL of the Bath and Body products. Use code LUVUMA at check out to get 30% off.

A quick note about our product incase you didn't know: everything is handmade with natural ingredients. No additives, no harsh chemicals or dyes (the scrubs are colour naturally) no SLS/detergents, and so much more! Check out the description on each product to learn more. I'm SO excited for you guys to try them! My favorite is the body scrubs - A MUST TRY.

I know it's 2018 and our attention spans are shortening by the hour (at least I know mine is) so if you've made it through this entire post and took the time to read it, I really appreciate it. Thank you SO much! Love you guys