I love the New Year. It’s an inspirational time for new beginnings, second chances and improvement. Since Goldmorning is only my own, it’s oh-so difficult to detach my personal convictions and standards from the business. When it comes to the vision, I am the only one behind the curtain. Some of my long time customers and followers realize this from watching closely, some think Goldmorning is a much bigger operation than it is.

But I digress. Back to the point here - I wanted to share some of the ways that we do things. Some I intend to keep the same, and others I’m seeking to improve and tweak. In 2019 you can continue to count on honesty, transparency, slow fashion, giving back, and an uncluttered place to shop.

Can I be honest with you? I think the root of most marketing is manipulative. I think we are over advertised to, and I think that we may be developing trust issues; everywhere we turn someone is trying to sell us something. Our favorite people that we know and trust, we are now questioning - is there an agenda?
The thought of anyone purchasing from Goldmorning who is shopping on impulse or without being able to afford it, actually crushes me. I find it such a tricky place to be in as a business owner because although I have deep convictions, I love and believe in what I do.

Not only do I want Goldmorning to be a store that gives back (I will touch on that later) I also want it to be an honest place. All of the styles you see, they are up there because I love them and they excite me. I am sharing them with you because they add some sort of value to my life as a visual person and fashion lover and I believe they will also to yours. Over the last few months I have reduced the number of styles on the website to truly focus on quality over quantity. I am not just selling clothing here, I promise - there is a heart behind it and a lifestyle that I really believe in and want to share with you. Some parts of this include: a less is more mentality, simple pieces for peace of mind, an easy place to shop that doesn’t overwhelm you, and acknowledging and loving others in all that we do - yes, even when we shop. This is why starting today, 10% of all proceeds from your purchase will now be donated to Unlikely Heroes, a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehabilitates children from sex trafficking. Through your purchase, each child receives medical care, education, therapy, and life skills so that they can live a life filled with freedom. (See more at UnlikleyHereos.com)

My intent is not to do whatever it takes to make a sale - it’s to do what I love and share it, see others enjoy it, open an easy avenue to give, and hopefully continue to make a living off of it (haha). I don’t want to promote products that I don’t actually use for my own monetary gain. The things I share I genuinely want others to know about and see someone else benefit from them. So I am promising transparency to you. I want Goldmorning, even if just watching through your stories, to be a place where you can let your guard down if even just a little.


Love you guys, and thank you for continuing to stick around as Goldmorning evolves. Thank you for supporting Alex and I another year. I hope to meet some of you in real life this year! xo


Beulah Ekkelenkamp